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The Variegated Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) is a unique and eye-catching plant, known for its distinctive multicolored leaves and braided trunk. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it is also reputed to bring good luck and prosperity according to feng shui principles. In this article, we will explore what makes this plant special and provide guidance on where to purchase one, with a recommendation for primebonsai.com as a reliable source.

What is a Variegated Money Tree?

The Variegated Money Tree is a variant of the traditional money tree, distinguished by its beautiful foliage that features a mix of green, white, and yellow patterns. These striking leaves make it a popular choice for indoor plant enthusiasts who want to add a touch of elegance to their home or office.

  • Origin: Native to Central and South America, the Pachira aquatica thrives in tropical climates.
  • Appearance: It typically has a braided trunk and leaves with variegated patterns, which add to its ornamental value.
  • Symbolism: According to feng shui, the money tree is believed to attract positive energy and financial prosperity, making it a favorite plant for both homes and businesses.

Care Tips for Variegated Money Trees

  • Light Requirements: Place your Money Tree in bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to scorch, while too little light may lead to a loss of variegation.
  • Watering: Water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry. Avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot. Ensure the pot has adequate drainage.
  • Humidity: This plant prefers a humid environment. Use a humidifier or place a water tray nearby to increase humidity, especially during dry seasons.
  • Temperature: Maintain temperatures between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid exposing the plant to drafts or sudden temperature changes.

Where to Buy a Variegated Money Tree

Finding a high-quality Variegated Money Tree can be a challenge, but Prime Bonsai is an excellent source for purchasing this unique plant. They offer a variety of healthy, well-maintained money trees that are sure to enhance any indoor space.

Why Choose Prime Bonsai?

  • Quality Plants: Prime Bonsai is renowned for offering healthy and vibrant plants. We ensure you receive a Variegated Money Tree that will thrive with proper care.
  • Expertise: The team at primebonsai.com has extensive knowledge of bonsai and indoor plants, offering valuable advice and support to help you care for your new plant.
  • Convenience: Shopping online at primebonsai.com is easy and convenient, with a wide selection of plants available for delivery right to your door.


The Variegated Money Tree is a stunning and beneficial addition to any indoor plant collection. Its unique foliage and reputed ability to bring good luck make it a popular choice for plant enthusiasts. If you’re looking to purchase a Variegated Money Tree, Prime Bonsai is a highly recommended source. We offer quality plants and expert guidance. Enhance your space and attract positive energy with a beautiful Money Bonsai Tree from Prime Bonsai. Bring this unique plant into your home or office today.

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