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Chinese Sweet Plum


BOTANICAL NAME: Sageretia theezans

AGE: 5

HEIGHT: 6″ – 10″

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Chinese Sweet Plum

The Sweet Plum, originally from Southern China, is a tropical plant that is popularly exported. It features small, delicate leaves that are less than ¾ inch in size, which become even smaller as the plant grows. The lightly veined green leaves give off a bronze hue when they first sprout. This plant has a sturdy, angular growth pattern and has a tendency to produce an abundant number of new shoots. As the Sweet Plum ages, its bark sheds to reveal a multicolored trunk. This versatile plant can be used in a traditional landscape design or for the creation of pen-jing, a traditional Chinese art form.

The Chinese Sweet Plum tree boasts bright green leaves that stand out starkly against its dark-colored bark. With maturity, this species of tree also produces a small and sweet fruit.

When it comes to shipping bonsai trees, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced shipping service. We ensures that the delicate and fragile bonsai is protected during transportation because we take great care in packaging the tree to ensure its safe arrival at its destination. This often includes the use of packing peanuts and foam to provide extra cushioning and prevent any damage during transit. By doing so, we ensure that the bonsai arrives at its destination in perfect condition.


To maintain the health of a Sweet Plum tree indoors, it is recommended to provide a cool environment with temperatures ranging from 55 to 60º F. Additionally, the tree should be placed in a location that receives full morning sun and some shade in the afternoon or evening. While the Sweet Plum can tolerate full sun all day, it is important to note that increased watering will be necessary. Gradual acclimation to full sun is advised to avoid leaf burn. Maintaining adequate humidity levels can be achieved by using a humidity tray.


Watering is a critical aspect of caring for a Bonsai Sweet Plum. The frequency of watering will vary depending on the amount of sunlight and warmth it receives. It is important to avoid allowing the soil to completely dry out as this could lead to wilting and potentially death of the tree. Overwatering is also a common issue that can harm the Bonsai, so it is best to avoid watering when the soil is still moist or cool. A general guideline for watering is to do so every few days, but the actual schedule may vary. To determine when watering is necessary, one can check the moisture level of the topsoil. When it feels dry, it is time to water thoroughly, making sure to thoroughly saturate the soil. One watering technique is to place the entire pot in a sink filled with an inch or two of water, allowing it to absorb the moisture through the holes in the bottom. A moisture meter can also be used to accurately gauge the soil moisture levels.


Fertilization is a crucial aspect of maintaining the health of a Bonsai, as the nutrients in the soil can become depleted over time with each watering. Fertilizer can be considered the plant’s source of vitamins and minerals. When new growth appears in the spring, it is recommended to begin fertilizing the Bonsai. Options for fertilization include using an organic liquid fertilizer, a chemical fertilizer diluted to half strength, or Miracid. During the growing season, it is recommended to fertilize the Bonsai once or twice a month, and once a month in the winter. It is important to water the tree before fertilizing to avoid stressing the roots, which could lead to burn. It is also advised to refrain from fertilizing a weak or recently repotted tree, as it may cause additional stress to the plant.


The Sweet Plum Bonsai is typically trained through the clip and grow method, utilizing its angular growth and abundant back-budding for ease in shaping. It is important to never remove all new growth at once, and the desired shape can be achieved by determining the overall appearance you aim to create. This species of Bonsai can easily accommodate all classical styles. Regular weekly pinching of new growth is necessary to maintain the desired form.


The Sweet Plum Bonsai may also be trained through wiring, using the thinnest wire that will secure the branch in the desired position. Wiring should be done in the direction of the bend of the branch to prevent looseness. Care should be taken to avoid wrapping the wire too tightly, which can lead to scarring. The wiring process should begin at the base of the tree, wrapping the wire around the trunk to anchor it before moving on to the desired branch. The wire should be monitored for any signs of cutting into the bark, and should be removed immediately if such a situation arises. Re-wiring may be necessary if needed.


The Sweet Plum Bonsai should only be repotted when it becomes fully root-bound. During repotting, it is recommended to limit root pruning to 30% of the root mass and to choose a soil mixture that offers a good balance of moisture retention and drainage. Repotting is necessary to refresh the soil and provide the plant with fresh nutrients. Moderate root pruning should be done during repotting, and the tree should be thoroughly watered after the process. It is recommended to refrain from fertilizing the tree for 3-4 weeks after repotting.



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You can be confident that your tree will arrive at its destination with sufficient moisture and in a secure package. To maintain moisture and prevent any soil spillage during transportation, the bottom of each tree is covered with plastic wrapping. The trees are connected to the pot with wire, placed inside a double-walled box for protection, and secured with custom packing systems to prevent any movement while in transit.


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8 reviews for Chinese Sweet Plum

  1. Chris

    The bonsai came 4 days earlier than expected which was fantastic, i was wonderfully packaged there was no spilage of dirt or damaged leaves. Plenty of new growth which shows how well it was cared for by the growers. I was hoping for a blue pot and that is exactly what i got. I’m going to give it some time to acclimate to its new home before i start shaping it to my preference

  2. Luna

    The box was completely intact no issues at all the bonsai was clearly very carefully packaged with packing peanuts and foam. I’m very pleased with this purchase

  3. Owen (Verified Buyer)

    The product is firmly packed.

  4. Robert

    The chinese sweet plum I purchased was better than the product pictured. I have had this tree for a month now and it has been a pretty steady grower. Everyday I admire all the new shoots growing and counting all the inconspicuous flowers that bloom.

  5. Oliver F

    I wanted to buy a small pre-potted bonsai specimen for my living room and this little tree seemed like a good pick, as I had a lot of experience taking care of orchids and other potted trees indoors. Overall, it’s a beautiful bonsai and I’m delighted with it. It’s giftable for a those who enjoy bonsais and understand the care required

  6. Joseph

    Secure packaging. Very easy to grow. This is a great gift. Recommended

  7. James D

    This was my first time purchasing a plant online, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well this little tree was packaged. When it was delivered, the box was placed on its side, and the plant remained in that condition for several hours until I was able to get home that day, despite that, the plant did just fine. I did quarantine the plant as soon as I brought it home and observed it for bugs and other issues, but so far there has been no problem. I water it daily or every other day depending on the condition of the soil. All in all I have been relatively happy with this tree

  8. Mark

    It arrived well packaged and tree came in perfect shape. New growth all over the tree. I’m looking forward to seeing this plant grow and flourish!

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