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Fukien Tea Bonsai (Carmona)- 6 Years


BOTANICAL NAME: Carmona microphylla

AGE: 6

HEIGHT: 6″ – 10″

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Our Chinese-sourced Fukien Tea Bonsai (Carmona retusa) are known for their exceptional trunk movement. The irregular bark texture gives a matured appearance even after only a few years. Especially, these trees produce fragrant white blooms in April and May, making them a prized reward for diligent growers. They thrive in full sun locations and are best paired with an 11″ humidity tray.

Our Fukien tea tree has been grown for 6 years and is about 6-10 inches tall. The tree has been carefully cared for and shaped beautifully. Therefore, when buy it, all you need to do is take good care of it and you will have an excellent bonsai.


Fukien Tea Bonsai – A Bonsai Tree That Cannot be Missing in Your Garden

The Fukien Tea, also known as Carmona Bonsai, is a magnificent indoor Bonsai tree that thrives in heat and can even be grown outdoors. Indeed, it originated in Southern Asia and became a beloved Bonsai tree in China.

With its classic shape, weathered and gnarled trunk, and full canopy of foliage, the Fukien Tea appears as a miniature version of an ancient tree. It also produces small white flowers in the months of April and May, adding to its charm.


Although it grows slowly, the Fukien Tea Bonsai will only continue to develop and grow more beautiful over time. Its trunk boasts a beautiful, swaying shape that supports the tree’s full, lush foliage.

carmona bonsai

Each Bonsai tree has its own unique character and requires specific care to ensure its health and longevity. While training a Bonsai tree can be more involved than caring for a regular houseplant. It does not necessarily require an advanced knowledge of horticulture. With careful attention and adherence to simple guidelines, your Bonsai can thrive and provide a sense of joy and fulfillment for many years to come.

Most important, our care instructions are designed to help you understand and meet the specific needs of your Bonsai tree, ensuring that it remains healthy and happy throughout its lifetime.



Carmona bonsai, also known as Fukien tea bonsai, is a popular choice among bonsai enthusiasts due to its delicate white flowers, attractive dark green leaves, and compact size. However, caring for this bonsai requires some effort and attention to detail.

First and foremost, it is important to place the Carmona bonsai in a location with bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves and damage the tree, while low light can cause the leaves to fall off. As for temperature, this bonsai prefers warm temperatures between 60-75°F (15-23°C).


Watering is another crucial aspect of Carmona bonsai care. This bonsai needs to be kept consistently moist but not waterlogged. It is recommended to water the tree thoroughly when the topsoil feels slightly dry, and to avoid letting the tree sit in standing water for too long. Overwatering can lead to root rot and other issues.


Fertilizing is also important for the health and growth of the Carmona bonsai. It is best to use a balanced fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring to fall) and to reduce or stop fertilizing during the dormant winter period.

Pruning and shaping

Pruning and shaping are essential for maintaining the desired shape and size of the Carmona bonsai. It is recommended to prune the tree regularly to encourage new growth and to remove any dead or damaged branches. Wiring can also be used to shape the tree, but caution must be taken not to damage or break the branches.

Pests and diseases

Pests and diseases can be a concern for the Carmona bonsai. Regularly inspect the tree for signs of insects such as spider mites, aphids, and scale insects, and treat with an appropriate insecticide if necessary. Additionally, keeping the tree in a well-ventilated area and avoiding overwatering can help prevent fungal diseases.

In summary, Carmona bonsai care requires attention to light, water, fertilizer, pruning, and pest/disease prevention. With proper care, this bonsai can be a beautiful and rewarding addition to any collection.

To read more about carmona bonsai care, check here

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You can be confident that your tree will arrive at its destination with sufficient moisture and in a secure package. To maintain moisture and prevent any soil spillage during transportation, the bottom of each tree is covered with plastic wrapping. The trees are connected to the pot with wire, placed inside a double-walled box for protection, and secured with custom packing systems to prevent any movement while in transit.


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17 reviews for Fukien Tea Bonsai (Carmona)- 6 Years

  1. Christi Boscola (Verified Buyer)

    Several months ago, I purchased a bonsai tree that arrived in small but healthy condition. Since then, the tree has continued to thrive and look amazing. In fact, this spring it produced an abundance of beautiful white flowers that are still present. I have already trimmed the branches several times to maintain its shape and health. Overall, I am delighted with this bonsai tree and highly recommend it.

    Image #1 from Christi Boscola
  2. Emmanuel R. (Verified Buyer)

    I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the bonsai tree and packaging from Prime Bonsai. Highly recommend their products!

    Image #1 from Emmanuel R.
  3. Adam Smith

    I’m pleased with the prompt delivery, as I received the plant on Thursday after placing my order on Tuesday. However, I was disappointed to find the ceramic pot broken upon arrival, likely due to insufficient padding in the box. The lack of a fragile label may have contributed to poor handling during transit. Nonetheless, the plant seems to be in good shape, albeit a few lost leaves during transportation.

  4. Mason Williams

    Although it traveled in a truck for three days, the bonsai tree arrived in Montana after a week, looking gorgeous and blooming. Despite the journey, it’s definitely worth every penny spent!

  5. James C Allen (Verified Buyer)

    When I purchased this bonsai tree for my mother, I was concerned about its condition during shipping. However, as shown in the photo, it arrived in excellent condition thanks to the careful packaging.

    The tree is lush with green, shiny leaves, and my mother absolutely loves it! It makes for a fantastic gift.

    Image #1 from James C Allen
  6. Emily (Verified Buyer)

    The plant was in excellent condition upon arrival, having been well-watered and showing no signs of damage. I took the time to check for pests and insects, but fortunately found none. Based on the tracking information, the shipping took four days, and I can confirm that the product is exactly as described.

  7. William Brown

    I recently purchased a Fukien tea bonsai from primebonsai.com and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase! The plant arrived in great condition and the packaging was top-notch, ensuring that it arrived safely and in perfect condition.

    The bonsai itself is a work of art and it has already become the focal point of my living room. The small, delicate leaves and intricate branching patterns are truly mesmerizing. The care instructions provided by primebonsai.com were clear and easy to follow, and the customer support was excellent.

    I highly recommend this website and their products, especially the Fukien tea bonsai. If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique plant to add to your collection, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. Thank you, primebonsai.com, for the wonderful addition to my home!

    Image #1 from William Brown
  8. M. Dubrovich (Verified Buyer)

    The bonsai was well-packaged and is now flourishing! I am so satisfied with my purchase that I intend to order more in the future.

  9. Mateo (Verified Buyer)

    Very fast delivery.

  10. Bea (Verified Buyer)

    Despite my initial worries about shipping a bonsai tree, I was thrilled when it arrived in perfect condition. The tree is absolutely stunning and beautiful, with moist soil and sturdy packaging that kept it safe during transit. I would not hesitate to gift one to a friend or family member, and I am grateful for such a wonderful product.

    Thank you!

    Image #1 from Bea
  11. Daniel K. (Verified Buyer)

    Prime Bonsai comes highly recommended for their artistic, healthy products that are well-packaged and shipped promptly.

    Image #1 from Daniel K.
  12. Kane K. (Verified Buyer)

    The bonsai tree I gave to my significant other has brought her great joy and satisfaction.

  13. Josh (Verified Buyer)

    I would give this Fukien Tea bonsai tree a 5-star rating – I absolutely love it! The tree has been growing rapidly and producing new flowers almost every other day. In my opinion, Prime Bonsai is the best place to buy bonsai trees.

    Unfortunately, the package arrived damaged, with the box upside down and torn apart. The tree did sustain some damage as a result, but I do not blame Prime Bonsai for this – it was an issue with the shipping carrier, UPS. After taking care of the tree for a couple of weeks, it has bounced back and is now thriving!

    Overall, I highly recommend purchasing bonsai trees from Prime Bonsai and will not consider buying from any other online seller.

  14. Luis S. (Verified Buyer)

    I am the proud owner of five of these plants, and I love each and every one of them. The shipping was speedy, and once you receive it, you’ll cherish it for a lifetime. Who knows, in 20 years, your plant could even be worth $2500. Just something to consider.

  15. Jennifer F

    The Fukien Tea Bonsai is an outstanding piece of art and nature combined. This beautiful and miniature tree not only adds an aesthetic touch to your home or office but also purifies the air and brings a sense of peace and tranquility. The delicate leaves, small flowers, and intricate branches make it a delightful sight to behold. The bonsai is easy to care for and has a low maintenance requirement, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced bonsai enthusiasts. Overall, the Fukien Tea Bonsai is a wonderful product that is sure to bring joy and a touch of the outdoors to any space.

  16. Anthony Nguyen (Verified Buyer)

    Upon arrival, the Bonsai tree was in excellent condition – it was packaged very securely, and I was impressed by how healthy it looked compared to other live plants I’ve seen.

  17. A. Lyle (Verified Buyer)

    I would not recommend this bonsai tree for beginners. My husband, who is a novice, received it as a Christmas gift and while the tree itself was in decent condition, the planter was unfortunately cracked upon arrival. After purchasing a new planter and following the instructions as closely as we could, the tree has not been thriving. It has lost most of its leaves and the stems are withering. We are still holding out hope that it will recover, but it is disheartening to have spent so much money only to potentially lose the tree less than a month after receiving it.

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