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Golden Gate Ficus – 5 Years


BOTANICAL NAME: Ficus microcarpa ‘Golden Gate’

AGE: 5

HEIGHT: 6″ – 8″



The Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai, with its stunning appearance and unique “tiger bark” trunk, is a must-have for any plant enthusiast. Native to China, this plant has been used in bonsai for centuries and is prized for its delicate leaves and gnarled appearance, which make it resemble a miniature version of a grand tree found in the wild. Carefully trained and pruned, this bonsai maintains its shape, and its beautiful leaves add a touch of sophistication to any indoor space.


Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the Golden Gate Ficus is also incredibly easy to care for, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced bonsai enthusiasts. Like most ficus trees, it symbolizes unity, simplicity, fresh starts, and a connection to nature, making it an ideal gift for newlyweds, new homeowners, and families who are expecting a baby. It is also known to brighten up a room and bring happiness to those who own it, earning it the nickname “cheerful tree.”

When it comes to temperature, it is essential to keep the Golden Gate Ficus in a range between 65-75°F (18-25°C). Exposure to temperatures outside of this range can cause damage, with cold temperatures being particularly harmful. Although this plant is typically kept indoors, it may benefit from some time outside during the summer.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Ficus is toxic, and all parts of it should not be ingested. It can be deadly to small pets, and cats may be tempted to chew on it. Therefore, if you have small animals in your home, it is essential to keep your Ficus out of their reach.


In conclusion, while the Golden Gate Ficus is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant, it is essential to be mindful of its toxic nature and take necessary precautions to keep it away from small children and pets. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the beauty of this bonsai without any worry.



The optimal temperature range for the Golden Gate Ficus is between 65-75°F (18-25°C). Exposure to temperatures outside of this range can cause damage, with cold temperatures being particularly harmful. Although this plant is typically kept indoors, it may benefit from some time outside during the summer.


Proper watering is crucial for maintaining a healthy bonsai. Typically, indoor bonsai should be watered every two to three days. However, the exact watering schedule may vary based on the type of tree, so it’s important to refer to the information tag that comes with your bonsai for specific instructions.

When your indoor bonsai is outside, it will require more frequent watering, so be sure to water it daily. Use a watering can or hose attachment with a fine-spray nozzle to thoroughly soak the soil, allowing the water to run out of the drain holes. While misting the foliage can be beneficial, it should not be considered a substitute for proper watering.


Fertilizing the plant regularly with a balanced fertilizer can also promote growth, with an emphasis on nitrogen in the summer and less in the winter. Despite its need for proper care, the Golden Gate Ficus is a resilient plant that can survive even under neglectful conditions.

For optimal results, most water-soluble and time-released fertilizers work well when used as directed. For more mature bonsai specimens, it is recommended to use slow-releasing organic fertilizers for a more sustainable and natural approach to plant nutrition.


To ensure the health and growth of your bonsai, it’s important to repot it every four to five years when its root system becomes constricted in the pot. Repotting indoor bonsai should only be done during the late spring or early summer.

It is important to use a quality bonsai soil, as regular potting soil may compact and block proper drainage. If you are new to bonsai care, it’s recommended to wait at least one growing season after receiving your tree before repotting it to give it time to become well-established.

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23 reviews for Golden Gate Ficus – 5 Years

  1. Peter Wairimu (Verified Buyer)

    I am extremely impressed with the speedy delivery and the excellent packing of the plants. Each plant is carefully packed in its own box, with Styrofoam and tape securing it in place to prevent any movement during transit. The soil is sealed with plastic wrap to ensure it remains moist during the journey. After five days, the plants arrived fresh and in perfect condition.

  2. cotly (Verified Buyer)

    The plant looks good and it’s pretty big, plus the soil is still moist. It’s been three days and not a single leaf has fallen off. I’m super happy with it so far.

  3. cotly (Verified Buyer)

    The plant arrived in excellent condition – it was packed well and looked very healthy. I had my tree 2 months and it’s doing great, has a lot of growth

  4. Jacob Nguyen (Verified Buyer)

    I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the tree I received – it was much larger than I had anticipated! I had ordered two trees, one for myself and the other as a gift, and I am very satisfied with both purchases. The packaging for my shipment was also excellent, ensuring that the trees arrived in perfect condition.

    Image #1 from Jacob Nguyen
  5. Avery Johnson (Verified Buyer)

    I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the Golden Gate Ficus, and the packaging was excellent as well. Even before shaping the bonsai, it already has a great shape and movement. I plan to update this review over time to track its progress.

    Image #1 from Avery Johnson
  6. Isabella Rodriguez (Verified Buyer)

    This was exactly what I was searching for. The shipping was fast, and the packaging was sturdy, ensuring that the bonsai arrived in perfect condition, healthy and happy. I am planning to purchase more bonsai trees as gifts and would definitely recommend this seller. Thank you!

    Image #1 from Isabella Rodriguez
  7. Bryant (Verified Buyer)

    I was nervous to buy a plant online. It came in a really good box and in good health. Although it was quite cold outside, I was impressed by how quickly the ficus tree recovered from the stress of transportation

  8. Emma Brown (Verified Buyer)

    Upon ordering, I was concerned that my bonsai tree would either arrive dead or damaged. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it perfectly packaged with not even a single broken branch! I absolutely adore the tree and am excited to watch it grow. Thank you so much! ????????

    Image #1 from Emma Brown
  9. Ted Fleck (Verified Buyer)

    Awesome!! They arrived in super good condition and were packaged really well. I bought one for myself and one for a buddy, and although they both lost a couple of leaves in the beginning, they bounced back pretty fast!

  10. Luke (Verified Buyer)

    I ordered a bonsai online for the first time and it came a day early. It looked healthy and was well-packaged, with a care pamphlet included. It lost few leaves in the first few days (as expected) but quickly recovered

  11. bobby vause (Verified Buyer)

    It arrived well-packed and in good condition, just as I expected. Absolutely love it!

  12. Oliver K (Verified Buyer)

    My Bonsai tree arrived today, three days earlier than expected, and I am thrilled with its appearance! All of the branches and leaves appear to be very healthy, and the trunk has a lot of character. While it’s currently small, as is normal for its age, I have high hopes that it will develop beautifully. I plan to update this review soon with progress on the tree.

    Image #1 from Oliver K
  13. Nelson (Verified Buyer)

    Thick trunk, nice shape and foilage

  14. David Garner (Verified Buyer)

    Arrived with bright green and excellent trunk shape

  15. Steve Gutzke (Verified Buyer)

    I could tell that the tree was packed with care because it arrived with much more foliage than I was expecting. It’s obvious that the tree has been well taken care of.

  16. Sophie Lee (Verified Buyer)

    I purchased this bonsai as a Christmas gift and was pleased to see it arrive securely packaged in a box with packing peanuts, taped to a styrofoam base. While it initially looked healthy upon arrival, it was a bit sparse in terms of leaves. However, after four months, it is still growing well. I recommend using a small spray bottle to water it every other day, or when the soil feels dry to the touch. It also thrives in direct sunlight but doesn’t require it daily to stay healthy. I haven’t needed to repot or fertilize it yet, making it a very low-maintenance option for those in Southern California.

  17. Felix D (Verified Buyer)

    The plant is incredibly healthy and was packed well, so it didn’t dry out at all during its journey from southern Florida to northern Indiana. Now I just need a small humidity tray

  18. Hugh (Verified Buyer)

    Initially, I had my doubts about the tree, but when I unwrapped it, I could see that it had been packed carefully. The tree had more foliage than I anticipated and it was obvious that it had been well-maintained.

    However, I faced an issue as the tree lost all of its leaves. I couldn’t figure out if I was overwatering or underwatering it. Eventually, I watered it excessively, and to my amazement, the leaves started growing back, and even new branches emerged! This experience made me realize that I have a knack for gardening.

  19. Jason Donnelly (Verified Buyer)

    Arrived exactly as pictured!

  20. George Davis (Verified Buyer)

    The tree arrived in excellent condition. No leaf drop. Will update with more info soon

  21. Leo Wake (Verified Buyer)

    It came in great shape and looks exactly like the picture which really surprised me!

  22. Marjory Cassy (Verified Buyer)

    After carefully considering and researching the art of growing bonsai trees, I decided to purchase one as a gift for my adult son who expressed an interest in cultivating his own tree. As he is a busy chemist, I chose a well-established but young tree that could last him a lifetime. The bonsai arrived earlier than promised and was delivered in perfect condition, thanks to the secure packaging. It is thriving in a sunny spot, and although there was some expected leaf loss during the relocation process as indicated in the instructions, it has since shown new growth. My son is extremely pleased with how well he has been able to care for it. Overall, it was a perfect Christmas surprise for him at the end of 2020.

  23. Auston Yanick (Verified Buyer)

    I purchased the Golden Gate Ficus as a Christmas gift for someone else and was impressed with how well it was packaged. The pot was securely wrapped, and the box was filled with packing peanuts to keep the tree stable during shipping. Despite the cold weather, which made the tree refrigerator cold upon arrival, it rebounded quickly and started growing new leaves within days. However, I decided not to give it as a gift due to concerns about its survival.

    I ended up keeping the tree for myself and have been very happy with it. I use a full-spectrum plant light for about 12 hours a day and a small fluorescent light for 24 hours a day. I plan to give an LED grow lamp with it as a gift. I water it every two days or when the top of the soil looks dry, and I plan to add some plant fertilizer soon. I’ve already started shaping some of the branches, and it’s growing very well.

    The price was great for an easy-to-grow bonsai tree, and the pot it came in is nice as well. The tree arrived with a small patch of moss at the base of the trunk, which I hope will spread to give it a nice landscape look. I also plan to add a humidity tray with stones to increase the indoor humidity, as it can be quite low during the winter.

    I’m pleased with the purchase and would order from this company again. I may even try my hand at a juniper once it’s warmer for shipping. Although the tree arrived looking like it wouldn’t survive, it bounced back quickly and has been thriving ever since. I recommend following the instructions and giving it a couple of weeks of care after it arrives.

    Image #1 from Auston Yanick
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