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Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree


BOTANICAL NAME: Schefflera arboricola ‘Luseane’

AGE: 9

HEIGHT: 12″ – 16″

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Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree, also known as Schefflera arboricola, is a stunning miniature tree that is native to Taiwan and parts of Southeast Asia. Despite its name, this tree is not a true bonsai, but rather a small shrub that has been trained to grow in a bonsai style. It has become a popular choice among bonsai enthusiasts due to its unique and attractive appearance.


One of the most distinctive features of the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai is its foliage. The tree has small, glossy green leaves that are arranged in clusters. They giving it the appearance of an umbrella or canopy. The leaves are also slightly serrated, adding texture and depth to the tree’s overall look.

The trunk and branches of this bonsai tree are another key element of its appearance. These are often trained to grow in interesting and artistic ways, with twists and turns that add a sense of movement and character to the tree. As the tree ages, the bark will also develop interesting textures and patterns, further enhancing its visual appeal.


Caring for this indoor bonsai tree requires a bit of attention and care, but it is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. The tree prefers bright, indirect sunlight and moderate levels of moisture. It should be watered regularly, but be careful not to overwater it as this can lead to root rot. Fertilization with a balanced fertilizer can also help promote healthy growth.

The Beauty and Versatility of the Schefflera Arboricola Bonsai

One of the great things about the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is its versatility. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, depending on your preferences and the climate in your area. As an indoor plant, it is a great addition to a windowsill, desk, or other small space. When grown outdoors, it can be a focal point in a garden or on a patio, providing a unique and eye-catching element to your landscaping.Hawaiian-Umbrella-Bonsai

In conclusion, the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is a beautiful and captivating plant that is sure to inspire and delight. Its unique appearance, hardy nature, and versatility make it a popular choice among bonsai enthusiasts and plant lovers alike. Whether you are looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your home or garden, or simply want to explore the fascinating world of bonsai, the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is a plant that is definitely worth considering.



The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree boasts glossy, finely divided leaves and displays striking umbels that yield orange-red to black berries. The leaves are shaped like tiny umbrellas and form a dense, verdant canopy. The trunk is slender and does not branch out, making for an interesting and eye-catching root growth. A dwarf variety of this tree is also available and makes a stunning bonsai.


The Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is a subtropical species that prefers temperatures ranging from 64 to 71 degrees. As it has a fondness for warmth, it can be positioned near a heat source, but should never be exposed to temperatures lower than 59 degrees. If you want to take it outside during warm weather, it should be acclimated gradually to prevent leaf damage from sunburn. However, once the temperatures start to drop in the fall, it is important to bring the plant indoors to maintain a warm environment.


It is recommended to keep the Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree indoors near a bright window. The brighter the light the plant receives, the smaller its leaves will be and the more compact its stalk will become, resulting in a more desired appearance for a Bonsai. If the lighting is not adequate, the stalks may become elongated and will not have the desired aesthetic for Bonsai styling.


For optimal root health, it is important to water the Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree sparingly and only when the soil is starting to dry out. This helps to promote short internodes and small leaves. When watering, ensure that the water runs through the drainage holes in the container to prevent salt buildup. A humidity tray can be useful in increasing the humidity levels, which can encourage the growth of aerial roots. The tray is filled with small stones and holds water at the bottom, but it is important to make sure the water level does not reach the bottom of the Bonsai pot to avoid root rot. As the water evaporates, it will create a suitable level of humidity that mimics the plant’s natural habitat.


To shape the Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree, it is recommended to remove the tips of new shoots when they reach the desired length. Large leaves can also be trimmed, but it is best to leave the leaf stalks, as they will eventually fall off on their own. If the humidity levels are high enough, older trees may develop aerial roots, adding to its exotic appearance. While the shoots are still relatively green, wiring is possible, but care must be taken to avoid damaging the bark. This plant may not be suitable for training into traditional Japanese Bonsai forms, but it can be shaped into informal uprights or multiple trunk or forest group styles.


The Umbrella Tree can be propagated using seeds, which is the preferred method. To do so, mix bonsai soil, loam, peat moss, and sand in equal parts, and sow the seeds immediately after acquiring them. Maintain a temperature of around 68 to 86 degrees, and cover the seeds with soil or sand. The seeds of this plant germinate quickly.


It is recommended to repot and prune the roots of the Umbrella Tree every two years during the spring, taking care to remove all large leaves.

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    The product is firmly packed.

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    Came well packed, healthy, and is beautiful

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    Adoring this plant. Thrives in the sunlight

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    The plant arrived a couple of days earlier than planned and was in fantastic shape! It came in a cute rectangular pot and looked super healthy. It’s a big plant and adds a calming touch to my living room. I’ve been watering it regularly and keeping it in a sunny window and it’s still looking great after 2 months!

  5. Jordan

    The plant arrived early and it’s awesome! It’s been a month now and it’s thriving in our living room. It’s easy to take care of and we’re so glad we got it. Love it!

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    Nice gift

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    Arrived quick, and packaged to perfection. A big box with lots of foam, and the pot was secure as can be. Settling in well at home

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